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How can we help your Institution?

We maintain a register of independent consultants so that universities can make contact with suitable individuals who can address a particular requirement. Each associate has a significant track record of achievements within the HE sector and also offers excellent value for money. By combining the specialist experiences of several of our team, and using them either on-campus or as telephone support/advice, you will get even better support for your institution.

They would be pleased to work with your institution on a variety of issues including

  • review your future spending plans - and help you get better value for money;

  • review your current business processes or strategies and offer impartial

  • backfill current roles to free staff to work on strategic initiatives;

  • act as Programme Directors or advisors on major university projects.

Alternatively, you might just want someone from outside your university to look in more detail at a project or a business problem and give you their comments based upon their experience within different institutions. For example, we could rapidly provide a team of Associates to conduct an Information Security Review. Not only do we have the skills to execute such work but we also have the experience to use our knowledge of the culture of the sector to be able to develop pragmatic recommendations.