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To companies seeking to develop business opportunities within the sector, Higher Education can appear to be a very confusing world - not only because of the strange ways in which the sector appears to operate but also because there is a continuous babble of often contradictory messages coming from different parts of the HE spectrum!

Many companies have failed to develop profitable business opportunities within HE because they brought in a set of assumptions, approaches and products from other sectors without adapting them to the University sector. Other companies created unrealistic expectations of the sales cycle and investment effort required.
We want our Associates to help you to avoid these pitfalls and also to dramatically reduce the time required for your company to create a profitable business.

For companies who are trying to enter the sector, HE Associates are pleased to offer their services as well-informed guides to help your company to build a sound platform for growth. We may well help you by

  • Explaining to you how the sector operates, thinks and is funded

  • Introducing you to relevant people and groupings around the sector

  • Identifying which of your services/products are likely to be of interest to which institutions

  • Building your own HE-dedicated sales team, identifying a balanced pipe-line of sales opportunities and supporting your team whilst they gain experience

  • Providing support for specific client bids (e.g. briefings, reviewing/interpreting client documents, reviewing your proposals etc)

  • Undertaking specific investigations on your behalf


Some of these services will require full-day support from specific associates, some may require the experiences of several associates and others may require light-touch support via telephone and email. Whatever is appropriate for your company, HE Associates can tailor an appropriate service for you.