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Who are HE-Associates?


HE-Associates was formed to create a virtual network of independent consultants - all of whom have a deep knowledge of the sector.


Membership has been restricted to ensure that every Associate has a sound personal reputation across the sector and strong references from their previous Institutions and their recent clients.



Our basic membership entry qualification is 'Director'-level at a major HE institution or FE college unless an Associate has very substantial alternative experience within the sector. We have also begun to include certain individuals who have extensive experience of selling services in to the HE sector.


Our Associates are happy to undertake assignments in a manner which best suits each client. This may be as individuals or as project teams. It may be as interim directors/managers or as project consultants. The advantage of forming a virtual network is that we can quickly mobilise a team to meet the unique requirements of each situation - or admit to you that we can not do so currently.


We currently have over 35 Associates within the network - but we are quickly adding more with backgrounds covering all aspects of HE and FE administration - Finance, HR, IT, Estates, Student Services, Library etc. We can use our extensive contacts to locate somebody with precisely the background and experience which you require.


If you have a specific need for an experienced HE consultant, then please contact Paul Hopkins  to refine your search and locate Associates who will match your requirements. Alternatively, if you are a member of a UK Higher Education institution then we will be pleased to send you an up-to-date copy of our Register of Associates, if you wish to contact any of them directly.